It pays off to stick with a dream, really. Supported with the unfailing love of a partner, I stood through months of  job search and finally it was here. And if there is anything I could tell you about the joy and the lessons of a job search, it is that there really is a time for everything. And there really is a time to be someone different, according to the phases in this life.

  • When we were babies, it was the time to sleep and be hugged a lot. It improved the development of our tiny brains.
  • When we were children, it was the time to have a small yard to explore the flowers and leaves that could be ‘cooked’ inside your cooking toys, to cry over a forced piano lesson, to follow a ballet course while our bodies were at it maximum flexibility and to have your first ever diary. I guess these are only applicable if you are or used to be a girl.
  • When we were teens, it was the time for throwing fits at the boundaries our parents gave us, being smart ass about everything, having a small crush on a boy and a huge crush on Leo DiCaprio.
  • At later teens, it was the time to be stressed with the exams, in love and at least at the first base, to giggle with your dorm mates and you are suppose to think that by 25 you’ll be married and on the way to have the first child. How wrong were we.
  • When we were twentyones (how great was that age,eh?), it was the time to reconcile with your parents, to party like a mad person, to take full responsibilities of your past actions, yet to see the joy in anything that you regret. It was the time to go to places, to understand more human beings. To open your minds.
  • When we were unemployed, it was the time to do what we have always loved doing but never got the time to. Take up guitar lessons, paint, or just finish your World of Warcraft games and get it over with.
  • Now, when we are over a quarter century years old, it is not the time to analyze or defining ourselves anymore. FYI, that should be done years ago by a few episodes of Oprah and a few Chicken Soup books. Stop taking those personality tests of whether you are a choleric or a pragmatic, stop finding out about your characters from the theories. It is now the time to create ourselves.

Most importantly, my twenty something friends, it is the time to be wise and strategic about our choices.

A wise uncle once told me that the first job is the best kind of all jobs. “A first job should be something you love doing, something that represents your ideals and values. So, when you are still at the point of having the freedom and possibilities to choose, choose well. Before responsibilities, peer pressure and world demands steer you away from your dreams.”

So I did, and now I am at World Fair Trade Organization, a place that represents my ideals, as the person in charge of the administrative financial department, where I love every single tiny task from arranging the office petty cash to the bigger ones like drafting agreement reports.

Yes, please do not get annoyed by another “i love my life” blog. But I do. And why wouldn’t I, for my supportive most understanding parents,  a protective brother, a bunch of amazing people I call friends, a step closer to a dream and a simply perfect soul mate, plus a wise uncle, what would go wrong?  Well, when it does, just like my baby always say, “bring it on”. We’ll look back and smile at it, just like how we always have.

I love my life. Say it with me, like how I say it. Every single morning.